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Salvus Securus

Salvus Securus


What is Freemasonry all about?

United Grand Lodge of England
"Freemasonry means different things to each of those who join. For some, it’s about making new friends and acquaintances. For others it’s about being able to help deserving causes – making a contribution to family and society. But for most, it is an enjoyable hobby.

Freemasonry is one of the world’s oldest and largest non-religious, non-political, fraternal and charitable organisations. It teaches self-knowledge through participation in a progression of ceremonies. Members are expected to be of high moral standing and are encouraged to speak openly about Freemasonry.

The following information is intended to explain Freemasonry as it is practised under the United Grand Lodge of England, which administers Lodges of Freemasons in England and Wales and in many places overseas.

Freemasonry is a society of men concerned with moral and spiritual values. Its members are taught its principles (moral lessons and self-knowledge) by a series of ritual dramas – a progression of allegorical two-part plays which are learnt by heart and performed within each Lodge – which follow ancient forms, and use stonemasons’ customs and tools as allegorical guides.

Freemasonry instils in its members a moral and ethical approach to life: its values are based on integrity, kindness, honesty and fairness. Members are urged to regard the interests of the family as paramount but, importantly, Freemasonry also teaches concern for people, care for the less fortunate and help for those in need.


Salvus Securus is Latin for ‘Safe and Secure’ Our Lodge is so named because its Founders were predominantly from the security industry, police and insurance business. The Lodge was consecrated on the 23rd May 1984 and celebrated its 25th Anniversary in 2009 in the presence of the Metropolitan Grand Inspector and many of its Founders.

The Lodge continues to thrive and meets four times a year (October, January, March and May) at Mark Mason's Hall, 86 St James’s St. SW1A 1PL. Whilst the membership still includes brethren from the security industry, there are now members from a number of other professions, all enjoying fraternal friendship. Come and join us!


Salvus Securus has helped support the London air ambulance with a donation of £10,000!

We also have provided donations to…

Friends of PICU in Southampton

This is an Intensive Care Unit for children. Its specialist Ambulances provide Intensive Care while transferring children from one hospital to another. One of our members continues to raise funds yearly for this wonderful facility.


Watch this video to listen to young masons, why they have joined, and some more experienced masons.



This is the current officer list at Salvus Securus

  • W Bro Paul Thistlethwaite LGR
  • W Bro Steve Wennington LGR
  • W Bro Dave Robertson
  • W Bro David Pennell
  • W Bro Paul McCreadie
  • Bro Andrew McWhirter
  • Bro Clive Pennington
  • Bro Danny O’Sullivan
  • Bro Tom Jenkins
  • Bro Sid Nili
  • Bro Delwyn Goodchild


The Lodge continues to thrive and meets four times a year (October, January, March and May) at Mark Mason's Hall, 86 St James’s St. SW1A 1PL.

Whilst the membership still includes brethren from the security industry, there are now members from a number of other professions, all enjoying fraternal friendship. Come and join us!


Charitable Giving

Freemasons are taught to practice charity and to care, not only for their own, but also for the community as a whole – both by charitable giving, and by voluntary efforts and works as individuals.

In London every year thousands of charities are supported by London Freemasons. For example:

  • A two million pounds pledge to help fund a second emergency helicopter for London Air Ambulance
  • A donation of five high powered Volkswagen Tiguan rapid response cars to help support the work of the London Ambulance Service on the roads of London
  • A portable CT scanner in the adult critical care unit at Bart’s Hospital
  • £72k to The Institute of Cancer Research (ICR) to develop a blood test for childhood cancer

At National level

The Freemasons' Grand Charity is dedicated to helping people in need, and has donated over £100 million since 1980.

The mission of the Royal Masonic Trust for Girls and Boys is: "To relieve poverty and advance the education of children of a Masonic family and, when funds permit, support other children in need."

The Royal Masonic Benevolent Institution has been caring for older Freemasons and their dependants for over 160 years. It operates 17 residential care homes across England and Wales offering high quality care. Many of the Homes are registered for both residential and nursing care and a number offer specialist dementia care. All of the Homes can offer places to people with dementia, following as assessment of their needs.

The Masonic Samaritan Fund provides grants to eligible beneficiaries who have an identified health or care need and, faced with a long wait for treatment, care or support, and are unable to afford their own private care


Ladies Night

Whilst Salvus Securus meets four times a year for Masonory business, we also hold various events during the year of which ladies night is one of them where the partners of current members can partake in social events and dinners.

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During the progression of a Freemason, stages of regalia change, and we wear these with pride. As you journey through Freemasonory, you will be required to purchase regalia, which can be done via a number of specialist retailers.



Salvus Securus is currently running a recruitment program to increase its members, which will intern benefit all, others, and most importantly the charities we support.

If you would like to know more about joining, please contact Tom Jenkins, Paul Thistlethwaite or David Robertson,


Our application process starts of with a friendly meeting where we can run through the process with you.

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